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2 Bulldogs Are Way Better Than One

Isn’t it funny how life can do a 360 degree turn and change on just an idea that you never saw it coming?  It does happen!

Back in December 2004, with Ray working in camp in Grande Prairie, they decided to move the family from the Okanagan to Grande Prairie to make life way easier to live… and it worked! Time went on, their daughters graduated high school in Sexsmith, one went on to graduate from GPRC.  The kids are grown and successful and everyone is living happy lives.

Then, one day about 12 years ago, almost on a whim, Ray decided he wanted to keep himself busy by starting a hot dog cart! Yes, selling hot dogs when he’s never done anything like that before! All was good, it started as a bit of a roadside enterprise where he learned and grew to doing occasional smaller events. Nice… Ray’s happy, the family is happy, and the customers are happy too!

Unexpected Growth

Then, in the blink of an eye it seems, BullDogs Gourmet Dogs, that little roadside hot dog cart, evolved and grew into running the concessions in the Clairmont Arena! This was a great experience where lessons were learned, and recipes perfected! It’s where the 12 sauces were developed that are still used today in the food truck and sports lounge!  A few years later, unfortunately, the Clairmont Arena shut down, and that’s when the BIG change happened!  A food truck was purchased, and Bulldogs Gourmet Dogs got mobile… and IT ROCKED! Everyone loved Bulldogs Gourmet Dogs, which meant larger events, catering and corporate events too! This turned into one busy family owned and operated business!

 The Ultimate Transition

With the food truck a huge success and busy as all get out, in October 2023 an opportunity presented itself that just couldn’t be turned down. The Lounge at the Crosslink County Sportsplex became available and thus, with a tiny bit of fear and a whole lot of excitement in our hearts, Bulldogs Sports Lounge came to be!  We now have 2 Bulldogs in our life! That’s right, a bricks and mortar establishment with employees, a liquor license, regular hours and a very successful food truck operation too!

The Mighty Bulldogs

So now, Bulldogs Sports Lounge at the Crosslink County Sportsplex is becoming a fantastic success with a steadily growing client base, delicious, interesting food and a reputation for being a fantastic family destination. It’s also a great place for you and your pals to watch the game seeing as Bulldogs Sports Lounge has 5 Big Screen TV’s, including a massive 85-inch model! In case you were wondering, Bulldogs Gourmet Dogs Food Truck is still operational and staying busy in the summer months with corporate and catering jobs like weddings, showers, family reunions, community events and more!

So if you have an idea, a thought, a whim, don’t ignore it. Dive into it, feed it, help it grow because you never know, you may end up with 2 Bulldogs to change your life too!

Bull Dogs Gourmet Dogs
County Sportsplex 
7407 108 St Clairmont


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