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Grande Prairie Rage N Fyre roller derby home opener this weekend

Rookies and veterans alike will be strapping on their skates for this weekend’s roller derby double header at the Sexsmith Arena.

The Grande Prairie Rage N Fyre are hosting E-Ville Roller Derby out of Edmonton at 7 p.m. on Saturday.

But first, derby girls with less than 10 games experience will face off in a rookie scrimmage at 5.

Andrea Golany, who goes by the derby name Nasty B, says the contact sport is open to anyone willing to try.

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“Anybody can play roller derby; it doesn’t matter what your shape, what your size, or what your age. We have ladies that range right from just barely past the 18 mark up to in their forties. If you like to have a good time and challenge yourself, both physically and mentally, and participate in team sports, you’re a candidate.”

The sport can be confusing for newbies, but as Nasty B explains, points are scored by the “jammer” lapping the other team.

“You’ll have three other players from the same team on the track – they’re blockers. There’s one other lady on the track on the same team with a stripe on her helmet. She’s the pivot and she’s the only person who can become a jammer in the event that the jammer gets tired out or gets stuck in a hard spot.”

The blockers try and stop the jammers from getting through, and yes, it’s a contact sport.

If that’s still hard to picture, they’ll try and explain it all before the match.

The event is both kid friendly and licensed. If you’re feeling adventurous, suicide seating is available on the floor for adults.

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