GP Wheelers bring back road race for season opener

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The GP Wheelers Cycling Club is getting its race season started this weekend.

The club includes road cyclists and cross-country mountain bikers, as well as snow bike or fat tire riders.

President Tyler Stadnek says Sunday’s event is a rare road race.

“We haven’t ran one for a few years now, but we’re excited to put on a 21 and 63 kilometre event, and that’s going to start out from O’Brien Provincial Park, and we’re going to head towards the Grovedale area.”

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Attendance is expected to depend on the weather, which is currently forecast to be cloudy with a 60 per cent chance of rain.

Regardless, Stadnek is looking forward to the challenge.

“With rolling terrain, and major climbs and major descents eliminated, I think it’s going to come down those riders who can hold that high wattage for a long period of time, so it’ll be interesting. You never know; this could even boil down to a sprint.”

Participants can sign up the day of the race; they just have to have a membership with the club or Alberta Bicycle Association insurance.

Riders under 18 must be with an adult.

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