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Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing Career at Career City College

Digital Marketing is a sought after profession. The landscape of the marketing profession is ever-changing and it is imperative to have digital marketing skills. Companies are seeking skilled professionals to help them bridge the digital divide in the marketing industry.

For entrepreneurs, digital marketing also provides the skills needed to successfully market the business.

Many of our students choose this program to either become an entrepreneur or work with a company in their marketing department.

This program is great for entrepreneurs, whether they are interested in becoming digital marketing professionals and helping clients with their marketing efforts or supporting their own marketing initiatives of their business.

This is a hands-on course and is very skills based. It provides the opportunity to create digital assets for a business or a digital marketing portfolio that can be presented to prospective clients or employers.

At the end of the program, each student has a list of digital assets they can use towards their company or for attracting clients and employers, such as a branding guide, a social media campaign strategy, push and pull content, and a website.

The student will leave with many skills and tangible assets to help them achieve their goal. Here are some features of our digital marketing programs:

  • Learn how to develop marketing strategy plans and improve decisions with marketing information
  • Distinguish the concepts of managing operations of a small business
  • Evaluate the importance of formulating and following a business organizational plan
  • Implement and develop online digital marketing tools and social media strategies to create an online business presence that enhances, supports and represents the brand
  • Construct a stylistic approach to content curating and writing online to successfully market businesses online
  • Develop a website considering brand recognition, business strategy and optimal user experience and engagement
  • Enhance and monitor the success of your online digital tools through implementing search engine optimization, engagement strategies and objectively analyzing metrics

Canada Job Bank reports more than 100,000 job opportunities in digital marketing averaging $24 an hour.

Job Opportunities

By taking our program, you can qualify for the following positions:

  • Social Media Community Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Consultant-Advertising
  • Communications Specialist
  • Event Marketing Specialist
  • Media Coordinator
  • Public Relations Consultant
*Source:  Government of Canada

Digital Marketing Certificate-17 Weeks

Begin your career in digital marketing, or upgrade your skills, by enrolling in our Digital Marketing Certificate program. This is a 17-week program that can bring new skills and job opportunities!

This program covers the fundamentals of digital marketing, including how to choose the best digital marketing tools and social media platforms to reach a targeted demographic and enhance engagement.
Upon completing our certificate, students will be confident in utilizing digital marketing tools to best represent, build and develop businesses online.

Business Management-34 Week Program

The Business Management Digital Marketing Program provides training in digital marketing & Business.

Throughout Canada, there is a great need for competent business professionals who have the potential to work in a managerial capacity.

This program covers the fundamentals of working in any business environment, providing you with the managerial skills companies want.

The specialization in digital marketing allows you to further differentiate yourself in this competitive job market, setting you on the path to management success within the digital marketing industry.


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