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South Bear Creek Park now under City management

The City is taking over management of South Bear Creek Park.

The park is currently maintained by organizations like the South Peace Ball Association, Wee Links, and the Grande Prairie Model Racers Association, but city council voted Monday night to expand its role.

Jacenta Hawco, secretary for the Ball Association, says they’re not opposed to the City taking over, but would have wanted to be included in the decision.

“We’re excited to see the capital improvements down there; I’m disappointed that we won’t be managing the facility. We definitely have the best interest of the ball players in our minds and we hope that that continues; that’s what we’re looking for.”

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The future of the organization is unclear, as they still own all of the equipment, but no longer have a managing role.

They’re currently looking at other options.

Several city councillors stressed they still want them to stick around in an advisory role, including Chris Thiessen.

“That we would seek them out, and not make them seek us out for enhancements and improvements to the actual ball facilities, which is the major attraction there, but I think we have so much more room for growth and development in that area if we take it over as a City management facility.”

That might be easier said than done, as the two sides have had issues communicating in the past.

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