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Grande Prairie photographer’s work to represent Canada at World Photographic Cup

A photo snapped by a Grande Prairie photographer was selected to represent Canada in the portrait division of the World Photographic Cup.

The owner of Noelle Mirabella Photography, Cass Jones, says the subject, 102-year-old Thelma and her daughter served as an incredibly poignant reminder that no matter how long a life’s journey is, the relationship between mothers and their daughters can remain as close as day one. Jones says she was so inspired by Thelma’s story and was honoured to be able to share it with the world.

“I got in touch with the family and asked if I could photograph them as a project to help document her story, so that photo wasn’t planned, I didn’t have a plan going into that specific set, it kind of just organically unfolded, it was such a beautiful moment,”

“She just had a full and amazing life, and when she retired, she went on to volunteer as a nurse in third world countries, and did that all throughout her retirement years,” she adds.

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Jones, who is no stranger to the World Photographic Cup, as she took home a bronze medal from the competition in 2019, says while she may have been behind the camera, but a lot of the credit goes to the subjects.

“They have given the world this beautiful gift by being real enough to be intimate in front of the lens, and that’s something I really value and appreciate,” she adds.

The top 10 photographs will be named in January, with the winners expected to be announced at a ceremony in Italy in March. You can find more of Cass’s work on her Facebook page.

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