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Mayerthorpe intersection causing headache for police

Mayerthorpe RCMP are asking drivers to follow the rules of the road, after responding to a pair of crashes involving six vehicles over just two days. Both were at the intersection of Highway 43 and Highway 22, and fortunately, only one person suffered minor injuries.

Corporal Chris Warren explains many drivers have been stopping in the middle of the intersection, waiting for those on the other side who have a stop sign. He says they have the right of way after stopping when it’s safe to proceed.

“If you are making a left hand turn at the intersection and another motorist is waiting at the other side at the stop sign, you are advised to complete your turn and not to stop in the middle of the intersection. By doing this you are incorrectly yielding to another motorist who is at a stop sign and causing unnecessary congestion in the middle of the intersection.”

Those stopped at a stop sign should only continue when the intersection is clear. Both recent crashes are still under investigation.

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