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Concerns about door-to-door sales brought to City's attention

City Hall is looking at ways it can address some of the complaints about door-to-door sales companies circulating on social media.

Councillor Rory Tarant told council he’s heard of issues with aggressive salespeople coming by late at night and frequently, ignoring signs asking for no solicitation.

City Enforcement Services Superintendent Chris Manuel says no formal complaints have been filed, and they want to hear about any problems.

“As always, if people have a concern related to door-to-door salespeople, enforcement services does licence those individuals, and we encourage those people to contact us. We have people on seven days a week, and we’ll be able to respond.”

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He’s also doing more research on what can be done for people who are having signs against solicitors ignored, as there’s not bylaws forcing compliance.

Manuel explains that anyone selling something at your home should have a business licence from the City, and proper identification.

He adds that residents should be aware of their rights when approached.

“You can treat them more or less like you treat any visitor: if somebody comes to the door and you’re not interested, certainly don’t feel obliged to invite them into your home; just let them know, ‘I’m not interested,’ cease the conversation, and go ahead and close your door.”

Enforcement Services is taking what they heard today, and investigating what options they may have when issuing a hawkers or peddlers licence.

A report on what could be done will be brought to committee in two weeks.

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