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Mysterious light in the sky spotted east of Grande Prairie

People in Northern Alberta and BC reported seeing a flash of light in the sky Wednesday morning east of Grande Prairie. People on Facebook and Twitter say that the “flash of light” was “faster than a satellite”. There were a few that were speculating that it could have been a meteor.

American Meteor Society’s Operation Manager Mike Hankey says meteors in the sky are described as a ball of light that moves through and lasts in the sky for 3 to 5 seconds long. Hankey adds that a brighter meteor is called a “fireball”.

“A “Fireball” is just a brighter type of meteor. All meteors are rated by how bright they are. A Fireball is anything brighter than the planet Venus and could be as bright as the sun.”

He explains that if a meteor was spotted in the daytime there could possibly be a vapour or smoke cloud following it after it flew through the sky.

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There is no confirmation on what the flash of light in the sky near Grande Prairie actually was.

You can read more about what a meteor is and report information on future sightings at the American Meteor Society’s website.

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