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Valleyview and MD of Greenview announce joint support for new K-12 school

The MD of Greenview and the Town of Valleyview have announced their support for the development of a new Kindergarten to Grade 12 school in Valleyview.

Officials call the location of the facility “strategic” due to its connectivity to the Greenview Regional Multiplex.

The MD says the construction of a new K-12 has “immense” benefits for the region as it opens up educational resources and facilities through modern amenities that can help students excel in their studies and prepare them for success in the future.

“Attraction and retention” remains front of mind for numerous community officials in the Peace Country, and the MD says the presence of a new school will serve as a significant attractor and play a “pivotal” role in retaining families in the community.

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Valleyview Mayor Vern Lymburner says the establishment of the school marks a milestone for the town and surrounding communities saying, “By providing a modern, accessible learning environment, we are equipping our students with the tools they need to excel academically and contribute meaningfully to society.”

The MD and Valleyview say they are committed to working closely with their partners to ensure the project’s success and the success of additional projects in the future.

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