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Fundraiser for children’s wigs tops $7K

Enough has been raised to fund at least three wigs for children experiencing hair loss in Grande Prairie. The fundraiser for Angel Hair for Kids culminated in the cutting of local real estate agent Kevin Vobeyda’s hair to be donated Wednesday afternoon.

Angel Hair For Kids provides wigs and hair systems to recipients at no cost to the child’s family using hair and financial donations. Vobeyda teamed up with Serenity Wig Boutique and 2day FM to donate his hair to help create a wig, as well as to raise money for the charity in honour of his mother Eleanor, who passed away from cancer.

Vobeyda says his mother began to lose her hair during her battle with cancer. He grew his hair out for three years and says he is hopeful the donation can help someone else.

“I just think if it’s hard on her then how hard is it on a young child who is going through the same thing? I thought if we can raise some money and if I can donate my hair and do some good then I will do that.”

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The haircut was done live at Serenity Boutique with Vobeyda surrounded by his biggest supporters, each having a chance to chop his locks. Afterward, he joked that he felt a lot lighter and colder up top, but feels very warm inside.

“I feel a lot lighter and a lot colder in my head right now, but good feeling. Warm in the heart cold in the head.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, more than $7,000 has been raised, with donations being accepted until March 31st. To make a wig, Angel Hair for Kids requires between 10 and 12 ponytails as well as $2,000.

Sooraya Nuthall, a Clinical Trichologist who specializes in hair and scalp-related diseases at Restore Hair Loss & Scalp Clinic, says she has seen a lot of young children go through hair loss. She says it’s a very stressful experience, and it takes a toll on them as well as their parents.

“Sometimes there might not be a solution we can find to regrow the hair right away but while they are growing their hair back we can help them with wigs and it’s nice to kinda you know breach the gap.”

Manager of Serenity Wig Boutique Courtney Weir says she is thankful to Vobeyda for choosing to donate his hair and raise funds for Angel Hair for Kids. Weir says others can do the same by contacting the boutique, maintaining it is a worthy cause.

“It’s hard enough being a child. To not have any hair, that is really hard and we just want to make them feel like they are not different; they are the same as everyone else.”

Anyone can donate hair between 12 and 16 inches as long as the hair is untreated in any way by contacting the boutique.

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