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Youth film camp to introduce live comedy show techniques to budding actors, filmmakers

In April, the Identity “LIVE” Youth Film Camp will focus on teaching participants the techniques to put on a live comedy show like Saturday Night Live.

Owner of C.I.A. Solutions Len Morissette, one of the organizations putting on the workshop, says this year’s camp is different than past years because previously they have done traditional film camps where the youth are split up into teams and create a short film. This year the focus will be on teaching them how to live stream a production.

“We will teach the kids how to live stream, how to work quickly at a moving stage, and on the last day of the film camp we are going to live stream the live show of what the kids have put together with their skits and everything,” Morissette says.

The camp is being held at Grande Prairie Live Theatre and Morissette says participants will be split into teams with each team utilizing one of the theatre’s two stages. With the use of the stages and the collaborative guidance of the professional facilitators, participants will put together a live comedic 30 to 45-minute production, which will include four skits, two from each team, and possibly a musical performance.

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“It will open up with a host and then cut to the skits, then go back to the host, to the next skit, and we will do that formula through the whole session.”

Morissette says this platform is a place where Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth can come showcase their talents and express themselves, with the hope being it will inspire them to continue their passion in filmmaking. Following the saying, “an ounce of prevention is better then a pound of cure,” Morissette explains providing these opportunities can even expand their horizons and show you can make a living in the film and digital media industry.

Those aged 12-17 interested in taking the camp can apply to take part in the camp, being put on in partnership with TELUS STORYHIVE, online. Morissette says applicants are asked to submit a short essay about why they are wanting to be a part of the four-day program.

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