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MADD crashed car initiative returns this spring in Grande Prairie

Officials with the MADD Grande Prairie Chapter are working on plans for the Crashed Car Initiative to be put in place this spring.

MADD Grande Prairie Community Leader Tia Marsten first got involved with the organization after understanding that there is a big issue when it comes to impaired driving.

“I have a lot of passion for what I do with MADD as a volunteer for getting impaired drivers off the roads and highways. It’s not just an issue in Grande Prairie. I feel that I can make a difference in the community. The Crashed Car Initiative is a big part of that,” she says.

Marsten, who works with local law enforcement, understands that the Crashed Car Initiative brings out emotions in people, but feels that’s what makes it effective.

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“The Crashed Car Initiative is aimed to be eye-catching. It symbolizes the possible consequences of impaired driving,” she says.

Marsten is working with city officials to find a proper spot to place the crashed car in the coming weeks.

“We already have a few spots in mind. At this point, we are going to reach out to the city and see what they have to say about our choices. Once we know for sure, we’ll make sure to post on social media so people are aware of where the car is,” she says.

As the City of Grande Prairie continues to celebrate National Volunteer Week, Marsten says she appreciates her MADD colleagues across the country.

“I think it’s important to point out that MADD Canada is made up of volunteers. We don’t get paid to do this, but we are all passionate about trying to take impaired driving off the roads,” she adds.

Marsten hopes that the crashed car will be in place towards the end of May.

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