Two new modular classrooms have been delivered to Whispering Ridge Secondary School, and officials with the Peace Wapiti Public School Divison say they’re thrilled to be able to see the school one step closer to back to normal following a fire this past spring.

In April, the portable classrooms housing the Grade 1 and kindergarten classes were damaged by the blaze, after which the students were displaced and picked up in-person learning at the Grande Prairie Alliance Church.

Assistant Principal Abby Stilwell says the church opened its arms to students and staff and managed to fill an incredibly challenging situation with love, kindness, and generosity.

“Their facility has allowed us to utilize beautiful learning spaces right here in our own community, which has meant the world to us and our families,” she says. “Our appreciation for the wonderful staff at the church runs incredibly deep and we will be forever grateful.”

The school division says now that the classrooms have arrived, work on the facilities, including electrical and plumbing installation, will begin as soon as possible, with students and staff anticipated to move back into the classrooms in January.