Photographers in the city and across the province have their artwork on display at the Teresa Sargent Hall in Grande Prairie. Professional Photographers of Canada members can sign up and have their work judged for the best in Alberta competition.

Grande Prairie photographer Steven Mah says the photos along one wall show the “Best in Alberta,” which features the best images taken by Alberta photographers who signed up for the competition. He says the panel of judges select from hundreds of photos taken by photographers in the province and pick their top 100.

“Some of these images not only won provincially but also went on to national competitions, and a couple went to international competitions.

Mah says he did not sign up for the competition although, he has his artwork on full display as part of the best in Grande Prairie. He says having the opportunity to have his work on display as part of the best in the city is heartwarming.

“It makes me feel very, very proud and shocked in some ways that people view me as being one of the photographers that can do pictures on a national and international caliber.”

Grande Prairie Photographer Kyla Shaw is also part of the Best in Grande Prairie Photography Exhibition. She says the feeling is surreal having her photos on display next to the work of photographers she has idolized in Grande Prairie.

“It’s a good feeling… it’s nerve-wracking being up next to some world-known photos. There are other photographers here in Grande Prairie that I’ve looked up to since I started, so even to be showcased with their work is truly amazing.”

The Best in Alberta and Best in Grande Prairie Professional Photographers of Canada will be on display in Grande Prairie for roughly one month.