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Art gallery exhibit to showcase locals’ response to COVID-19

The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie is ready to show off its latest exhibit, made up completely of art created by locals in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The Curve” is a multi-disciplinary community art installation that opens to the public on Tuesday.

Executive Director Jeff Erbach says all pieces that have been created and collected thus far reflect the intellectual and emotional feeling of the community.

“What was happening was this extraordinary shift in the community, both socially and culturally; there was a lot of thought and feeling about what was happening, a lot of anxiety, frustration, some hope, and resilience.”

Erbach says that while the exhibit is already opening, they will not close to the door on new submissions for the foreseeable future.

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“It’s been a fast-evolving issue… people’s feelings and thoughts and have changed over time, so we are going to take submissions for months, and the community art collage will continue to grow and change through the growth and change of our community.”

He adds, if anyone leaves the installation inspired, they should think about telling others and consider contributing a piece of their own.

“We can have this really expansive show that together we are all really proud of, and a show that really honours those who have passed, and those who are serving.”

The installation is in partnership with Revolution Place and the Writers Guild of Alberta. Author Sue Farrell Holler is managing the literary submissions for the exhibit and says the fact people can be brought together to show off a range of emotions and feelings is an extraordinary expression of art.

“Art is always a good way to kind of help you make sense of your world, and express your feelings, and this is the sharing of it, you can’t get any better than that.”

There is no age restriction for applications, and anyone in the community can submit a piece. They can range from poetry, music, and photography to painting, drawing, and sculptures. The exhibit will wrap up on September 28th.

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