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Smaller lots could mean more homes for Arbour Hills

Changing the lot sizes in the Arbour Hills neighbourhood in Grande Prairie could leave room for additional homes to be built. The city has approved changing the area directly north of 132 Avenue from General Residential to Small Lot Residential.

That would allow for the lot widths to be reduced from 12.2 meters to 11.0 meters resulting in 11 additional lots. Helix Engineering’s Scott Roessler says developers wanted to make the changes because they’ve been noticing that the lots are too big for the homes being built in the area.

“We’re finding that the houses are actually too small for lots so we’ve got wasted space on the land. The expectation here is that we fill that gap. For all intents and purposes, we’ll end up with the exact same type of housing. The lot size in RS is 36 feet so we expect that the four feet won’t have a lot of difference in the housing product that’s provided.”

The changes will allow for narrower lots to be planned for in the next phase of development.

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