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Second Tori Stafford killer moved from high-security facility; Brexit vote delay causes more turmoil in UK

Another Tori Stafford killer moved by CSC

Michael Rafferty is now in a medium-security prison.
The killer of 8-year-old Tori Stafford was reportedly moved from a maxim-security facility in March. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has responded saying he will look into it. Stafford’s other killer Teri-Lynne McClintic was recently put back in prison following public outcry over her move to a healing lodge last year.

UK struggles to deal with Brexit vote delay

Brexit is not up for renegotiation.
That’s the message from the President of the European Council, after British PM Theresa May was forced to delay a parliamentary vote on the EU divorce deal over Irish Republic trade concerns. If the Brexit deal isn’t voted on soon, the UK could be cut from the EU, which could devastate Britain’s economy.

Alberta official questions Quebec’s understanding of energy industry

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Alberta’s finance minister says Quebec clearly doesn’t get the energy industry.
The comments come after Quebec’s Premier rejected the idea of reviving the Energy East pipeline project, calling it a way to move dirty energy. The Alberta minister says his province is an innovator in offering cleaner oil by lowering carbon content. Alberta has expressed frustration to Ottawa over a lack of options to push more crude to market.

One in four Canadians affected by prescription shortage

Health officials claim a drug shortage is getting worse and affecting more Canadians.
A recent survey by the Canadian Pharmacists Association found at least one in four Canadians has been affected by shortages for thousands of medications. Over the summer Canadians were hit by an EpiPen shortage and last month pharmacies started running out of a widely-used anti-depressant.

Climate change likely to cause largest recession in recent history

Climate change could cause a recession four times worse than the 2008 market crash.
A group made up of hundreds of investors is warning if coal use isn’t phased out by 2050, the fallout could cost the global economy $23 trillion each year. The group cited impacts on human health, agriculture and infrastructure as the driving factors in the overall cost.

UCP Leader Kenney allowed to fight carbon tax alongside Saskatchewan

Jason Kenney is allowed to help Saskatchewan fight Ottawa’s carbon tax.
The Alberta UCP Leader was given the green light to act as an intervener in Saskatchewan’s constitutional challenge against the blanket carbon tax proposal. The feds attempted to block Kenney’s involvement, but Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal is allowing it as long as he only addresses legal issues.

First female Canadian Nobel Physics winner receives medal

Donna Strickland is officially the first Canadian woman to win the Nobel prize in physics.
The Ontario scientist collected her medal and diploma today for her work on lasers in the 1980s. She is only the third woman in history to win the award in this category.

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