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Pack your patience: AMA offers tips on holiday air travel

The holidays can be one of the busiest times to fly in and out of the Grande Prairie Airport. Because of that, the Alberta Motor Association has offered some tips on how to make travel as smooth as possible. AMA Members Services Manager Roland VanMeurs says that when it comes to holiday air travel, patience is key.

“The number one thing you have to make sure you have is patience… Depending on what mother nature decides to do with us during that time period, sometimes you can see delays and sometimes it runs smooth but patience is definitely something you have to have.”

Other tips include; doing as much as possible in advance, such as check-in and seat selection, making sure all liquids, gels and sharp items are packed in checked bags, cross pack items with other travellers in your group in case one person’s luggage goes missing and make sure you have valid documentation on you at all times.

When it comes to travelling with presents, VanMeurs says it’s best to keep them unwrapped.

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“Don’t wrap them. Make sure you wrap them when you get to your destination because if they do want to see what’s in it, that wrapping paper will come off.”

VanMeurs also says that if you have small gifts worth a lot of money, pack those in your carry on as long as it’s not a liquid or sharp item. Other larger gifts should be checked in your suitcase.

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