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Concerns raised about treatment of homeless people’s belongings

A local woman is trying to fight for the rights of homeless people in Grande Prairie. Grace Murray came to City Council on Tuesday concerned that RCMP officers were going to places like Rotary House and the Parkside Inn and taking people’s things in an effort to move them.

“I was concerned about officers moving in to take homeless people’s tents and their possessions and I was concerned at why they had to do that. I realize they have to move them around and try and find them homes but I didn’t understand why they took their personal possessions like their bikes and trolleys.”

Murray says she was walking near Rotary House on August 16th when she saw two RCMP trucks pull up. She says officers loaded up trollies, tents, tarps and what she says looked like people’s personal items, and took them away. Murray says it was important for her to come and speak because her daughter is also homeless.

“They have no voices there. They feel beaten down and I just watched that and felt that there was no resistance, they just let it happen which was even more heartbreaking… We should be looking out for them.”

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At the council meeting, city officials said they have guidelines for rehoming individuals and returning belongings to the right people but 2Day Fm has not yet been able to reach anyone for a comment.

The topic will now be brought up at a future committee meeting where members will decide if further research will need to be done.

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