The three candidates running to lead the Alberta party met with about 100 Grande Prairie residents despite slick, snowy roads. An open house Thursday night at the Pomeroy Hotel gave Stephen Mandel, Rick Fraser and Kara Levis a chance to speak to everyone in attendance and answer a few questions.

The event was moderated by former city councillor Rory Tarant who ran for the party in 2015. Topics included how they would tackle Alberta’s operational deficits, how they would give a voice to centrist Albertans and their thoughts on guaranteed minimum income. Also in attendance were board member and Northwest Regional Organizer Conrad Guay along with City Councillor and board member Jackie Clayton.

The meeting here was on the heels of the first debate in Edmonton where the topic of a sales tax dominated and left the candidates divided. The next debate will be held February 8 in Calgary.

The leadership vote will be held February 25 to 27. A membership is required to be a part of vote, those must be purchased by noon on February 12.