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County council candidate questions: electoral boundaries

In the days leading up to the municipal election on October 16, we will be publishing the answers to questions posed by 2day FM to the candidates running in the County of Grande Prairie. The responses are listed in alphabetical order by division and are unedited. They have not been fact checked and 2day FM is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies.

Q: Would you like to see provincial electoral boundaries in the region change or stay as they are? Why?


Daryl Beeston

A: I feel the provincial boundarys should remain as they are. However I also believe that in 10-12 years given our growth and the city’s growth we could then look at the population #’s and at that time we may need another electoral area for the city and county.

Don Streeper

A: At this time I have not made an informed decision on Provincial electoral boundaries but I do not want to have less voice for the north in the Provincial Government

Thomas Tharp

No response submitted.


Leanne Beaupre

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A: I believe the recommended boundary changes proposed by the appointed Electoral Boundary Review Committee are not appropriate and need to be revisited. Rural representation would be smaller and the rural voice less forceful. They need to listen to the AB residents!

Barry Yaehne

A: I think the boundaries are ok as they are for the time being. If we see an increased growth in pollution then it is worth revisiting.


Maurissa Hietland

A: Stay the same. We are not aligned or even part of the scope of the boundary across the river and that would not serve our residents’ needs or accurately reflect the area as a whole.

Bernie Smashnuk

A: Electoral boundaries in the region should stay as they are. Ultimately the rate payer would have to be involved in the process of any changes to the boundaries.

Ross Sutherland

No response submitted.


Kevin Gingles

No response submitted.

Robert Hill

No response submitted.

Bob Marshall

No response submitted.


Peter Harris

No response submitted.

Ashley Heggelund

No response submitted.

Kathy Longson

A: We are well served with our existing format. To insist on voter parity might deprive residents of an effective voice and subsequent reduction in quality of life in their region. The proposal would separate communities that have collaborated successfully for years. We have a nice balance of city vs. rural, both ridings representing a diverse mix of voters with many who live in the country and work in the city. The electoral boundaries are what cause some of the paralysis between the municipalities. Will changes reduce the times the City and County are at odds with each other – I highly double it. Population will always grow at a faster rate in the city than the country, but both need to be heard to understand the concerns of the entire region.


Arthur Amendt

No response submitted.

Linda Dianne Waddy

No response submitted.


Dwayne A. Badry

No response submitted.

Corey Beck

A: I would like to see the boundaries stay the same as I believe that it will give the region a stronger position when we advocate on issues that affect us all.

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