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County council candidate questions: county/city relationship

In the days leading up to the municipal election on October 16, we will be publishing the answers to questions posed by 2day FM to the candidates running in the County of Grande Prairie. The responses are listed in alphabetical order by division and are unedited. They have not been fact checked and 2day FM is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies.

Q: What sort of relationship would you like to see the county have with the city? How can that be achieved?


Daryl Beeston

A: The city and county in the past have come together to host provincial and national events ie Scotty’s Curling Champion/Tour of Alberta Cycling and the upcoming Alberta Summer Games to mention a few.

I look forward to building a strong working relationship with the city which will improve the services for city and county residents in an efficient and financial manor.

Don Streeper

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A: I would like to see both the County and City to remain their separate bodies But work on equal partners ships on Public Venues

Thomas Tharp

No response submitted.


Leanne Beaupre

A: Relationships are the backbone of municipalities whether its with not for profits, community organizations, provincial government or our urban and rural neighbours. Our many agreements are proof of this. Many candidates promise improved relationships. What I would suggest is that all educate themselves on what collaborative projects have occurred and what the issues are that we may have a difference of opinion on .
Examples: Arctic Winter Games
2018 AB Summer Games.
Special Olympics
World Curling Events
Sorrentinos Compassion House in Edmonton
Philip J Currie Dinosaur museum
Nitehawk Ski Hill
West County Health Care Coalition
Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Prepardness group
Regional enforcement services.

Barry Yaehne

A: In order to be successful collaboration is needed between the city and the county. Collaboration is a major point of my platform. If we are going to collaborate it has to be a win for both parties, I think we can achieve this through communication.


Maurissa Hietland

A: I would like to see a more collaborative relationship in some areas (tackling the fentanyl crisis, advocating for hwy improvements) and I would like to see a agree-to-disagree relationship in other areas. I see that happening in a series of fun city versus county challenges….a fundraising battle of the bands made up of city and county staff and government. We have so many things in common and why not focus on the positive?

Bernie Smashnuk

A: Regionalizing services and a more parable tax system with common sense and logical thinking along with shared resources and amenities.

Ross Sutherland

No response submitted.


Kevin Gingles

No response submitted.

Robert Hill

No response submitted.

Bob Marshall

No response submitted.


Peter Harris

No response submitted.

Ashley Heggelund

No response submitted.

Kathy Longson

A: I envision a collaborative, cooperative relationship where all parties at the table are respectful of the individual needs unique to each municipality, focused on the best interest of the overall region and residents they represent. Responsible planning, maintenance and sustainability need to be the priority items on the agenda’s. All collaborative agreements need to always be mindful of the impact to the taxpayer.

Any relationship worth having requires hard work, respectful dialogue, willingness to listen and compromise. Once a decision is reached we move forward utilizing all our shared resources to ensure success for our residents and the region.


Arthur Amendt

No response submitted.

Linda Dianne Waddy

No response submitted.


Dwayne A. Badry

No response submitted.

Corey Beck

A: I believe that the County and the City have a very good relationship. We have many agreements together. At the County we supply funding to many organizations in the City. We have worked many months on a joint recreation committee with the outcome being a Regional recreation committee that includes the County, City, Towns, Village, and MD of Greenview. I believe we continue making baby steps to build on a strong relationship. Although we currently have a tax sharing agreement with the City, that is tied to industrial growth. Together we need to advocate to the province that municipalities need stable sustainable funding so we don’t need to look to neighbouring municipalities for funding.

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