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No confirmed sightings of cougar along Resources Road

No further cougar sightings have been reported after one was possibly spotted on Resources Road Wednesday morning. RCMP got a call around 9:30 a.m. after someone thought they may have seen the big cat through binoculars heading north on the road.

The three schools in the area kept students inside while Fish and Wildlife responded. Constable Krystle Hunt says they didn’t find any solid proof that there was a cougar in the area, like tracks or a visual sighting.

If you ever come across a cougar, you should neither approach it nor run. It’s also recommended not to take your eyes off of it or turn your back.

“Running and rapid movements may trigger an attack,” police explain. “Remember, at close range, cougar’s instinct is to chase.”

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Instead, face the animal and talk to it firmly while slowly backing away. You should try to appear larger than the cougar and always leave it an escape route.

Alberta Environment and Parks says cougars prefer to avoid contact with humans, and most incidents involve pets. People should be prepared to use bear spray.

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