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Less couples without kids in Grande Prairie

Although more Canadians are living alone than ever before, the numbers aren’t budging for Grande Prairie. Twenty-eight per cent of the country is living alone while 8 per cent of Grande Prairie residents are living by themselves.

Even with the increase in population, the percentage of people living alone in the city of Grande Prairie has not moved. Across the province, 24 per cent of people are living alone. This is the second lowest out of any province with Nunavut falling to the bottom at 18 per cent.

Across the country common law couples are increasing as they take up 21 per cent of people paired up. From 2011 to 2016, common law couples have stayed the same in Grande Prairie at 15 per cent. Married couples have also stayed the same at 43 per cent.

Although the census shows there are an increasing amount of couples with kids on the prairies, that isn’t the case for Grande Prairie. The amount of couples with kids has stayed the same since 2011 at 15 per cent. Although, there are less couples with no children. Since the last census, that number has gone down by 2 per cent. In 2016, only 10 per cent of the couples had no kids compared to 12 per cents of couples in 2011.

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