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Announcing GP HEAT!

Crime Prevention is very excited to share that in partnership with the RCMP and Enforcement Services, December marks the launch of the volunteer program GP HEAT!

HEAT stands for Help end auto theft. This program aims to provide motor vehicle owners with information to help protect their vehicles and their property. Theft of vehicles and theft from vehicles are both high at this time of year.

Watch for our volunteers in parking lots and neighbourhoods across Grande Prairie! They’ll be easy to spot- look for the High Visibility vests with “Crime Prevention Volunteer” on the back! There will also be an RCMP officer, Enforcement Services officer, or Crime Prevention staff member nearby!

Here are a few tips to give you a jump start:

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Don’t leave gifts in your vehicle! You may think you’re being clever by hiding something under a coat or a blanket, but thieves will look under your blankets and coats. Don’t let your gifts end up under their tree!
Lock your doors! Never forget to lock the doors of your vehicle- you can’t make it any easier for thieves than that!
We know it’s cold… but please don’t start your car with your keys and lock the car with your spare set! It only takes a couple minutes for that window to be smashed and for your car to be on its way out of your driveway- keys and all!
Even if you’re just running in somewhere quickly, always bring your wallet, phone, and any other valuables with you. Your quick trip could be just long enough for an opportunistic thief.
Don’t store a spare car key anywhere in your vehicle- thieves are great at guessing hiding spots.

This holiday season, please stop double check- are my doors locked? Are all my valuables removed? Don’t let thieves ruin your holiday.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Crime Prevention team!

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