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Federal election candidate questions: Temporary Foreign Worker Program

In the days leading up to the federal election on October 19, we will be publishing the answers to questions posed by 2day FM to the candidates running in the Grande Prairie-Mackenzie riding. The responses are listed in alphabetical order and are unedited. They have not been fact checked and 2day FM is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies.

Q: Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program were met with resistance from some Grande Prairie area businesses. How does your party feel this program can be improved while ensuring jobs in the region will still be filled?

James Friesen, Green Party

A: We in the Green Party believe that changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program were necessary. In its original form is was open to many abuses. Rather than a temporary Foreign Worker Program we need to have a permanent immigration policy, that is designed around the needs of the different requirements  of Canadian communities, it must meet the needs our small business in our community .

Reagan Johnston, Liberal Party

The Liberal Party has proposed immediate reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker program by starting with a full review of the program by the Auditor General. The Liberal Party also insists on the “public disclosure of information concerning what jobs are being offered to temporary foreign workers and in what communities; it must require employers to demonstrate that every effort has been made to fill positions with Canadian workers and young Canadian workers in particular; and finally, the government should tighten the Labour Market Opinion approval process” (

Saba Mossagizi, NDP

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The changes that have been made to the TFW program have made it more difficult for business owners to bring people over and made it more difficult for workers to stay. It is our position that if someone is good enough to work here, they are good enough to stay.

Dylan Thompson, Libertarian Party

A: The Libertarian Party of Canada advocates for a welcoming immigration policy. We’d eliminate the TFW program and replace it with a streamlined work visa program, and residency roll out.

Chris Warkentin, Conservative Party

Mr. Warkentin did not submit a response to this question by the deadline.

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