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MD of Greenview Council releases strategic plan

MD of Greenview Council has agreed to terms with administration on a strategic plan, which outlines council’s priorities for the next four years.

The plan is broken into four different areas of focus. Culture, Social & Emergency Services, Governance, Environment, and Economy. Through the plan, council hopes to encourage the development of elder, senior, and community housing. It also mentions continuing to develop a site focused on the creation of natural gas by-products.

“This plan will help us be accountable to our community, ensuring that the decisions Council makes and the actions that administration take, are achieving our long-term goals,” Reeve Tyler Olsen says. “It sets a vision for where we want Greenview to be in four years and will help future Councils continue that vision for our municipality.”

The plan could change based on the needs of residents, but it outlines strategies that council hopes to continue to focus on for the next five to ten years. The full plan is available on the MD of Greenview website.

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