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Province to lift gas tax, begin work on electricity bill rebate rollout

The provincial government says they plan on axing the provincial fuel tax and creating electricity bill rebates for Albertans across the province to help calm soaring prices for both commodities.

Premier Jason Kenney says currently, Albertans pay 13 cents per litre in fuel tax, and the government will stop collecting that tax on April 1st to try and negate the rise of the federal carbon tax on April 1st, from just under nine cents per litre to just over 11 cents per litre.

“While the federal government is set to increase the carbon tax April 1, Alberta’s government is taking the opposite approach and stepping up to offer relief. Stopping the provincial fuel tax puts money back in the pockets of Albertans when they need it most,” Kenney adds.

The province has also announced a retroactive rebate for electricity bills, which will see every customer, regardless of service provider, receive a $50 monthly rebate for three months.

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Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity Dale Nally says the government will work with utilities and regulators to determine exact details, including rebate timing. This includes working to have the rebates applied directly to consumers’ bills.

“Utility prices are in part due to market conditions, and in part due to punishing policies from the former provincial government and the federal government,” he says.

“As this long-term work continues, a rebate to help offset these costs for Alberta families and small businesses will help provide support when they need it most,” he adds.

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