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“Something for the community”: Family builds decorative igloo in O’Brien Lake

Curtis Nelson and his family started a project over the holidays in O’Brien Lake and the result is a glowing igloo that everyone in the local area can check out. Nelson says the project took a little over two weeks.

“I had some spare time over the holidays and we weren’t spending as much time at our folk’s place as we normally would,” he explains. “I recalled seeing something on the internet about how to build an igloo and I felt it would be fun for our kids, nice for our front yard, and the community.”

Nelson says that it was quite a project and involved multiple pieces while putting it together.

“For the colours, I used aluminum trays and with about half of them I added around a dozen drops of food coloring and mixed it in,” he says.

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The response from the community has been noticeable and Nelson hopes that more people drop by, as long as they’re respectful.

“We’ve had quite a few people that have slowed down or stopped to check it out,” he says.

People are welcome inside, but he notes that the igloo is a little bit fragile because of its composition.

“I don’t mind people going inside, as long as they’re being gentle. I also have a path shoveled to the sidewalk for easy entry,” Nelson adds.

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