The Grande Prairie Public Library surpassed its $2,000 goal for Giving Tuesday, which will allow the Little Free Pantry to keep providing free snacks to people in need for almost three months. Director Deb Cryderman says that they weren’t sure what to expect for the fundraiser but the results completely blew her away.

“I had to do a double-take when I saw that one person donated $1,000. Another organization is donating $625 to the library, which we are so grateful for. To have enough to fill the Little Free Pantry for almost 3 months in one day, was brilliant.”

“We’re not the first or the only library to have a pantry but when you think of a library, your first thought is books,” she adds. “We do so much more for the community and the fact that other people think this is important is just beautiful, to me.”

Cryderman notes that the library wants to continue doing more and be known as a conduit in the community.

“The nice thing about the fact is that when you are here, you’re not labelled homeless. You’re just another library patron in our eyes. We want them to have access to a snack, something to get them through the day. My heart is so big.”

When asked if the Little Free Pantry, which isn’t in the library’s budget, would keep operating in the future, Cryderman felt optimistic.

“People can help us with the Little Free Pantry all year round. We are also taking volunteers here and are happy to take help in any way people would like to offer it to us,” she says.

The library raised about $2,771 during the Giving Tuesday initiative.

“It’s just awesome,” Cryderman says.