Wapiti House has launched a three-pronged fundraising effort as they look to prepare for winter. As part of Wapiti’s Winter Wish, officials with the emergency shelter are looking for donations of winter coats and boots, hand warmers, or financial contributions.

Paige Smith with Wapiti House says some of the winter gear usually needed at this point was graciously donated by a local not-for-profit, but for nearly everything else, they are very much in need.

“We did receive a nice donation from the stitch club that gave us a lot of scarves and toques, so we are good on that component, but as far as clothing and shoes we are starting from scratch,” she says.

“A lot of the individuals we serve, they have to face the elements quite a bit, and just being in the snow for that long, plus we get super cold. it’s just not a fun time to be outside, especially if you’re not protected.”

Smith says they appreciate every contribution residents across the region have made in recent years, as she knows the COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on every corner of the country. She says they’re hoping that the generous spirit continues in any way possible.

“We really appreciate any contribution, whether they just share a post, or they go through some stuff they haven’t worn in a couple of years or reach out to a relative who may have an accumulation of ski pants over the years,” she says.

“We know it’s hard times for everyone right now that’s why we are really hoping if people can give what they are comfortable giving, that’s all we can really ask for.”

You can find more information on the fundraiser by visiting the Wapiti House Facebook page.