Elections Canada says they’re still looking at a shortfall of about 400 employees to work the 2021 Federal Election in Grande Prairie and the north of Alberta.

Spokesperson Leanne Nyirfa says they’re looking for residents to fill the rolls of several positions, including front-line poll workers, information officers, and deputing returning officers.

“Typically, each of our returning officers hires about 750 people to work during the election,” she says. “We are all good for advance polls in Grande Prairie, but there are some election day polling positions they’re needing to fill.”

Nyirfa says the pay for the positions ranges from $17.22 to $23.44 per hour, and those selected will also receive an additional $54 to take part in a training session. She adds the workers hired are the bones behind the election operation, as they’re the ones working at the poll and helping residents cast their ballots.

“Recruitment is always a challenge, it’s not that unusual to be looking for workers on election day at this point,” she says.

“With a short writ period of 36 days, things have to be done a little bit quicker, but it isn’t really that unusual to see be looking for workers for election day.”

Those able to fill a position are urged to call 1-800-463-6868, to to apply directly on the Elections Canada website.