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CPC candidate Chris Warkentin seeking 6th term in office

Vying for a six-term as Grande Prairie—Mackenzie MP, Conservative Party of Canada Candidate Chris Warkentin says he is looking to earn the trust of voters once again.

Warkentin says the reason why people are returning to the polls just two years after the last federal election isn’t lost on him, or voters in the region.

“It’s plain to most Canadians the reason the Prime Minister is forcing Canadian’s into an election in the middle of the summer in the hope he can catch Canadians off-guard, other political parties off guard… giving him a majority government,” he says.

“Canadian’s will not reward the Prime Minister what has been a scandalous, corrupt, and really poorly managed two years.”

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Warkentin says the region has continued to be the target of what he calls an aggressive attack on the energy sector, and that continues to be felt by business owners, employees, and people who work in other sectors.

“Not only those who work in or did work in the energy sector, but seniors paying their bills,” he says.

“We’ve seen an escalation in the cost of living because of increases to things like carbon taxes, that have made it more expensive to make ends meet.”

Warkentin adds despite the fact he won the 2019 election a record amount, earning 84.2 per cent of the vote in Grande Prairie-Mackenzie, he doesn’t take recent results for granted. He says those who vote for him can be assured that he continues to work with the desire to earn the trust that people have placed in my hands.

“I do believe the Peace Country deserves to have a strong voice, and a voice that can make a difference in Ottawa,” he says.

“The best thing that can happen, and I do believe it is time for Canadians to replace Justin Trudeau’s corrupt government that one that is actually prepared to govern.”

One other candidate, Maverick Party Candidate Ambrose Ralph, has been officially named in the riding. The 2021 Federal Election will take place on September 20th.

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