The Grande Prairie RCMP detachment is rolling out tips to prevent bike thefts in the region this summer.

Sgt. Shawn Graham says bike thefts peak in June, July, and August. He adds residents can take extra steps to prevent their two-wheelers from being stolen.

“We take these thefts seriously, just as we would any other theft.”

Graham says they average around 60 reports of stolen bikes during the summer months. He adds most bike thefts occur in the downtown area or adjacent neighborhoods.

“When it’s connected to downtown, maybe they went into a business and possibly didn’t lock them up,” he suggests.

Some tips to prevent your bike from being stolen include; using a high-quality lock, or two locks while your bike is parked, store bikes in a safe area, and lock your wheel and frame together. Graham says taking these measures can help prevent your bike from getting stolen.

“If you can lock it up in a shed or a garage, that would be better. If you go out, don’t ever leave your bike unlocked or unattended if you can.”

“It’s pretty quick when people can just jump on a bike and take off.”

Graham says keeping photos of the bike, with a description and the serial number can also go a long way in helping retrieve a bike if it does go missing.

“We do get a lot of bikes that are found, that we cant return to owners because we don’t have any information that will direct us back to the owners.”

Graham suggests that bike thefts in Grande Prairie are found highest in the downtown area and surrounding communities.