An arbitrator will be used to help pull Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework negotiations between the City and County of Grande Prairie over the finish line.

According to a joint press release, “differing views on the regional sharing of municipal costs has delayed a final resolution”. Despite a one-month deadline extension until April 30th, 2021 to come up with a solution, the two sides, which have been in negotiations since 2019, are now opting for a third-party option to finish the process.

ICFs document what and how services are delivered with municipalities that share a common boundary. This can outline anything from highway construction from the city into the county to fires that require combined efforts to put out.

“The goal of arbitration is to seek a fair and equitable resolution on matters related to shared services and costs to continue to maximize value for our residents,” the statement adds.

The Municipal Government Act requires that municipalities sharing a common boundary create an ICF.