Spirit River Regional Academy and Peace Wapiti Academy are both extending remote learning for many students due to a high number of staff isolating from previous COVID-19 cases in the schools.

The last known case at Spirit River Regional Academy was seen on April, 19th. Peace Wapiti Public School Division says in a press release that the close contacts will be isolating until Tuesday, May 4th.  PWPDS says remote learning will be extended for grades 7-12, with the return to in-person classes on Wednesday.

The last known case at Peace Wapiti Academy was last in school on April 15th. Close contacts for the case will be isolated until April 14th and April 15th. Grade 10 students will be remaining in remote classes until Monday, May 3rd.

Peace Wapiti Academy students in grades 9, 11, and 12 can return to in-person classes on Monday.