Several of the community COVID-19 outbreaks in the Grande Prairie region continue to inch towards a full slate of recovered cases.

According to Alberta Health, as of April 7th, six out of the eight outbreaks declared in the area have less than half of their total cases still considered active. Data provided to on Thursday shows a total of 15 active cases remaining on record from what was originally more than 100.

As of the end of day Wednesday, there are three active cases and 24 recovered cases at Rotary House, and two active cases at The Gardens at Emerald Park retirement home. There is one active case and four recovered at Stepping Stones South Daycare and 17 recovered cases at Tourmaline Oil Nabors. Walmart Grande Prairie also has an outbreak listed.

In Sexsmith, there are six active and six recovered cases at Peace River Bible Institute and two active and 19 recovered at RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering Simonette Lodge. In Valleyview, Michels Canada has 17 recovered cases, while Peace River Correctional Centre has one active case and 81 recoveries.

Outbreaks at public facilities, not including long-term care facilities or schools, are reported publicly when there are five or more cases. Outbreaks are declared over when four weeks have passed with no new cases.