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MD of Greenview geothermal potential growing

A recent test for geothermal potential in the Municipal District of Greenview is being touted as a success. Terrapin Geothermics says a bottom hole temperature log found a temperature of 118 degrees Celsius, which CEO of Alberta No. 1 Dr. Catherine Hickson says is considered more than hot enough.

“We are quite encouraged by this test. These results exceed the minimum of 100 degrees Celsius required to efficiently generate power from geothermal resources.”

The log was done in an inactive well owned by SECURE ENERGY south of Grande Prairie as part of the Alberta No. 1 geothermal energy project. The temperature was taken at a depth below 4,000 metres.

“This result provides us with confidence as we develop additional opportunities in this space,” adds Managing Partner of Terrapin Geothermics and Director of Alberta No. 1 Stean Smith. “We see the Alberta No. 1 project as the first step in creating a robust geothermal energy industry in the province.”

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Terrapin was given the green light to start testing in October 2019 after getting a $25.4 million grant from Natural Resources Canada that August. At that time, the total cost of the project was pegged in the $50 million range.

Since then, it has reached an agreement with Grande Prairie Regional College so students who are researching new energy sources will be given hands-on experience working with the company. The project is now expected to be selling power by 2024.

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