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Sexsmith law student to represent Canada as UN youth delegate

A Sexsmith woman will be representing Canada as part of the YOUNGA Forum Global Takeover of the United Nations. Casey Caines will help lead the charge, participating in dialogues on creating an inclusive, sustainable future.

Caines, who is a first-year law student at the University of Alberta, says having a voice, regardless of where you live is an essential tool in the fight against inequality. She adds the things she has learned from grassroots organizations in the Grande Prairie region have helped her better prepare for a grand-scale event like this.

“I saw the inequalities in our justice system on a systemic level, and I wanted to be a part of creating a solution to that. I geared most of my education and community work into addressing those inequalities in our own community, and now I’m trying to put that onto a more global scale.”

She says the social impact being created by youth is incredible and it is an honour to be considered amongst those young leaders. On a personal level, she says the opportunity is one that was a pipe dream just a year ago.

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“That was my end goal, and my dream… to sit on this council and so it was a huge surprise I was able to make so much progress in one year, and to actually make that dream come true as a youth delegate.”

Caines will have her ideas taken into account by decision makers on October 24th as the desires of her and her fellow youth delegates will be presented to world leaders in a special online forum which will include virtual reality for the first time. The event is tied to the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. The YOUNGA Forum Global Takeover of the United Nations is an event that allows access to some of the most influential people in global politics and is a platform for younger generations to present ideas to help create a more inclusive future.

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