The Town of Sexsmith has approved up to $5,000 in funding for the outdoor rink at the Grace Bible Fellowship Church. However, councillors and church officials are still coming up with a plan for the long-term future of the heavily used ice rink.

Mayor Kate Potter says the municipality and the church entered into a collaboration in 2015, with minor repairs and operations being run by the town, as the church was having difficulties keeping up with demand on the ice surface. Potter adds the money is well spent, as it continues to be a heavily used attraction by residents.

“We knew how much use it was getting, even if it gets pretty cold, you will see kids and adults on that rink throughout the day, and it’s lit up in the evening so you can go out there too,” she says.

“We approved, immediately, up to $5,000 for repairs to make sure we can operate it this year, and we will over the winter explore some other options to see what is best going forward. There are some parts in disrepair that need to be addressed, so we need to address those for insurance’s sake, and it’s safe for people to use.”

She adds after the winter season is over, the town will come up with a more sustainable plan for the site, which could include the replacement of several structural components, with an estimated cost of around $17,000. The rink has been in operation since 2010.