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Neighbours want Bear Hill Rec Grounds open to public

When the Bear Hill Rec Grounds were donated to the County of Grande Prairie, they were intended to be for public use.

Although they’ve been vacant for years, County Councillor Richard Harpe says a survey or surrounding property owners found they want it to remain a public facility with serviced and unservices camping spots.

“They own it and they have a sense of ownership – a strong sense of ownership; they want to keep it. So I guess it’s up to us to put it back in a usable form, because right now it’s not in a usable form.”

The County will next look into what needs to be done to fix up the area, and what should be done with the hall, which is currently not safe for public use.

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Harpe says a group had perviously wanted to move the hall next to the Canuck School in Bear Lake, but didn’t have the money.

“That’s probably a better option than leaving it there because if you leave it there it has to be rebuilt to safe condition and rented out, so someone has to look after renting it.”

If they’re still interested, Harpe says he’ll try and help them get funds from the County.

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