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Aquatera pleads with public to stop flushing wipes

Aquatera says there has been an uptake in non-flushable items in its system since panic buying has made toilet paper less available in the Peace Country.

Public Relations and Communications Specialist Sarah Martin says most items residents are using don’t break down like toilet paper.

“A lot of people are adapting by using alternatives, the big ones being paper towel, napkins, and disposable wipes. Unfortunately, even though these are paper products and disposable wipes, in particular, are often labelled as flushable, they aren’t.”

Martin says the use of non-flushable items can lead to highly expensive repairs and damage to their infrastructure.

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“They cause clogs in the system as well as sewer backups. Some residents might, unfortunately, experience a back up in their basement.”

During this time, Aquatera understands people will have to work with the resources that they have. It asks residents using non-flushable items to throw them in the garbage.

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