Residents of Mandalay Estates, south of Grande Prairie, have brought forth a number of traffic related concerns to County council.

The main issue is a former emergency exit road for Evergreen park, which runs right by their homes.

It was gated for the longest time, but Sheri Hulan says that gate is now left open, leaving open access for motorists.

“People still do not realize that there are residences down there, and the road appears to be abandoned because it has not been brought up to County standard.  So what happens is that people see that this is an open road and that it looks pretty flat, but it is just a dirt trail.”

Hulan says they would like to see speed control measures and enforcement along that road.

They would also like the access road to their neighbourhood from Resources Road brought up to higher standards.

County council said they would work with residents in that area on the issue.