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Edibles to hit Grande Prairie cannabis store shelves Friday

In what many in the industry are calling Legalization 2.0, cannabis stores in Grande Prairie will start stocking edibles on Friday. The edibles will come in a number of varieties and will be limited to 10 milligrams of THC, the primary chemical responsible for most of cannabis’s psychological effects, per package.

Lucky Leaf Manager Emma Laver says the strict guidelines on the potency of the product may, in fact, be a selling point for what she believes will be a new customer base.

“AGLC and Health Canada were very strict on guidelines for making them, but the edibles that are coming in are things like chocolate, fruit chews, breath mints; we have teas coming in.”

“I think it’s getting away from the whole smoking side, and of course people with health concerns and smoking, people want edibles because of easy consumption and dosing,” she adds.

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However, a lot of the talk on social media, according to PeaceLeaf Vice President Roberto Lopez, is concern over the edibles getting into the hands of children. Lopez says the packaging will remain unflashy as to not show off the product, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to storage at home.

“I hear some of the concerns, especially with children, because I know people are a little bit concerned that the package caters to children, but it’s going to be pretty plain. They made it so that there are no [gummy] worms or anything like that.”

“I doubt kids will know what it is, but they’ll definitely know what chocolate is, so they’ll want to keep the packaging away from kids,” Lopez urges.

He believes there will be big crowds the first weekend of sales but expects things to level out as the initial excitement of some wears off.

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