The City of Grande Prairie wants to know how people feel about the place they live and the services offered to them.

Over the next few weeks, 400 people in the city will be called at random to take a phone survey where Corporate Services Senior Executive Advisor Candace Bilodeau says they can share their opinions on topics like safety and parks and recreation.

“It’s just a tool to be able to allow the city to gain valuable feedback on how our residents feel about our community and it’s part of the city’s ongoing commitment to providing engagement opportunities for its citizens.”

Bilodeau says the results gathered will give the city a chance to compare itself to other municipalities as well as against itself on a bi-annual basis.

“The feedback allows us to not only identify our strengths but also to find out what aspects of our city citizens want us to improve upon so whether through increased outreach and education or operational enhancements.”

For those who are not called, they also have the chance to take an online version of the survey on the city’s website. It will be up until January 31st.