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Bandaged Paws rolls out “Save a Paw” campaign

Bandaged Paws Animal Rescue Association is hoping the generosity of residents in the region will help them in a big way. It is launching its first-ever ‘Save A Paw’ campaign.

The organization is looking to receive donations of $100 a month from 100 people, which will see the day-to-day costs of the shelter taken care of, and help with any emergency situations like earlier this year when they were forced to close their Safe Haven Facility after one of the animals was exposed to Parvovirus.

Spokesperson Drew Rogers says people who follow Bandaged Paws’ Facebook page may see one-off asks sometimes for specific animals that have specific issues, but the new initiative is looking longer term.

“This is more of a way for us to generate, through sponsorship from wonderful people in the community, a revenue stream we can build our budget around. If we have that commitment from 100 wonderful people for the next 12 months, then we know we have X number of dollars coming into the facility for our operations, and that will help with medical care, food and the shelter to take care of those wonderful animals.”

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Rogers says he knows $1,200 is a significant amount of money but he hopes the monthly installment idea will allow people to more easily participate in the shelter’s operations.

“Those everyday costs that we encounter, that’s really what we are looking to counterbalance with this program. It’s something that people can put in their calendars; you’re making a very substantial donation to the shelter, but it’s being spread out over 12 months.”

For more information, or to donate, email [email protected].

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