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Bandaged Paws reopens following Parvovirus exposure

Bandaged Paws has reopened their facility after staff discovered a puppy in their care had been exposed to Parvovirus. After being quarantined for 12 days and fully cleaning the facility, people are now able to visit the dogs again.

Parvovirus is a highly contagious viral illness, most commonly seen in puppies between six weeks and six months old. It can be spread between dogs who have come in contact with another infected animal or their feces.

A Facebook post says no new parvovirus cases have been found in the 36 dogs and puppies at the facility at the time of lockdown. They believe that the puppy with Parvo caught it on a trip outside the facility.

Despite the good news, there is still work to be done at the facility. The Facebook post says the disease potentially contaminated the outdoor play area.

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“Given parvovirus’ ability to survive in soil for up to a year and through even our harsh winters, the potential contamination makes it unsafe for dogs who are not fully vaccinated to play in that area. The only option to make the play area safe again prior to the one year period is to excavate the yard and start fresh.”

People can start visiting the dogs again this week. Appointments can be booked through their website.

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