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NDP candidate Erin Alyward vows to fight for working class in Grande Prairie-Mackenzie

While NDP candidate for Grande Prairie – Mackenzie Erin Alyward does not have any experience in politics, she argues that as a single mother of four she has a unique perspective on challenges faced by everyday Albertans.

“I live the day-to-day struggle that everyday workers live, and, unless you’ve lived it, I don’t think you can ever fully understand what it’s like. I know what to fight for; it’s as simple as that.”

Alyward works at a supermarket in the Edmonton-area but says she felt compelled to run for MP based on the idea that she could create positive, long-lasting change on subjects close to her heart. Alyward says subjects like childcare, domestic violence, and human rights are ones she is interested in getting to the forefront if she is elected.

On the economy, Alyward says deficits are not necessarily a bad thing in the long run, and she won’t run on a platform of pushing for a balanced budget.

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“We are never going to be without owing money, but if that money is going to a good place, it’s helping our people; it’s helping our economy,” she says. “I think it’s better to have a deficit that’s helping in that because sooner or later it’s going to pay off.

Alyward says if elected, she will move to Grande Prairie full time.

Alyward will face off against Conservative candidate Chris Warkentin, People’s Party of Canada candidate Doug Burchill, Green Party candidate Shelley Termuende, and Liberal Party candidate Ken Munro. The 2019 federal election will be held on October 21st.

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