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Sexsmith council mulling unsightly property bylaw change

Members of Sexsmith town council will be looking for the next step when it comes to implementing an updated unsightly property portion of their current nuisance bylaw.

Councillor Isak Skjaveland suggested a potential requirement for fencing of up to six feet tall to help ‘prevent untidy lands from being viewed by a highway or other public place.’.

Mayor Kate Potter says the talks are ongoing, but they want to make it as transparent and fair as possible. She adds the need to get it right the first time is vital.

We don’t want to have everyone’s properties in disarray, but at the same time, we want to respect everybody’s rights. But, finding that balance can be difficult, especially in a small town where everyone knows everyone and can create some extra challenges for us.”

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Potter says during her time as a resident, she hasn’t seen anything pop up that would drive her to consider making big changes to the bylaw, but she understands it can be a concern for some.

“I would say not particularly, but we do have some citizens who are very concerned about it, and they have been approaching the council regularly over the past probably 15 years about specific properties.”

It’s expected the discussion will continue in September at an upcoming corporate services committee meeting.

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